CORRUPT: Feds Began Secretly Framing Giuliani The DAY He Became Trump’s Lawyer

Rudy Giu­liani revealed the fed­er­al gov­ern­ment secured a covert war­rant to spy on him the exact same day he became Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump’s attorney.

Giu­liani told War Room, Wednes­day, the secret war­rant was secured on May 1, 2018 — mean­ing the gov­ern­ment had access to the President’s most per­son­al and sacro­sanct com­mu­ni­ca­tions with his lawyer dur­ing both sham impeachments.

“I think we’ve got a heck of an argu­ment to dis­miss,” Giu­liani said, in regards to the Biden regime’s polit­i­cal and ille­gal raid on his apartment.

“And with regard to the much worse sur­veil­lance and the tak­ing of my iCloud account from the first day that I became Don­ald Trump’s lawyer,” he said.

“They didn’t even make any bones about it,” Giu­liani said. “They had no inter­est in me before. It begins May 1, 2018. That’s when it was first in the news­pa­pers. Imme­di­ate­ly they go get my stuff, at least retroac­tive­ly, they exam­ine the entire attor­ney client rela­tion­ship for a year and a half. This is unheard of.”

Giu­liani said the ille­gal spy­ing on the duly-elect­ed Pres­i­dent of the Unit­ed States and his attor­ney is a “mor­tal sin against the Con­sti­tu­tion of the Unit­ed States.”


Big Tech is at war with you! They don't want you to see the truth.



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