Study Finds That Average Coronavirus Victim Had 16 Years of Life Left in Them

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Watch: First New Zealan­der gets vac­ci­nat­ed against COVID-19. Cred­its: Video — New­shub; Image — Getty

The aver­age per­son who dies from COVID-19 would have lived anoth­er 16 years, new research has found.
Researchers looked at data on 1.28 mil­lion con­firmed deaths linked to the SARS-CoV­‑2 virus, which has killed about twice that many in the past year. 
Com­par­ing it to life expectan­cy data across the 81 coun­tries where the deaths took place, they cal­cu­lat­ed around 20.5 mil­lion years of life had been wiped out — between two and nine times more years than were lost to sea­son­al influen­za in that same time. 
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