Growing Evidence That People Who Attended Jan 6 Trump Rally Are Ending Up on No Fly List

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In the wake of the Capi­tol riot on Jan. 6, there have been anec­do­tal accounts cir­cu­lat­ing about peo­ple who were either in atten­dance at the riot that day or sim­ply at the pre­vi­ous Trump ral­ly being placed on “no fly lists” and being unable to move about freely. Tuck­er Carl­son report­ed on this lat­est cur­tail­ment of lib­er­ties on Tues­day night.Carlson said that no mat­ter what polit­i­cal views a per­son holds, whether far right, far left, or any­thing in between, their trav­el should not be lim­it­ed because of them.Tucker Carl­son Seg­ment On Reports That A Num­ber Of Amer­i­cans Who Attended …


Big Tech is at war with you! They don't want you to see the truth.



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