Conservative Operatives Out Play Florida Democrats With Slick Move Gaining 3 Seats

A month before Elec­tion Day in Flori­da a mys­te­ri­ous com­pa­ny called Pro­cliv­i­ty, Inc. con­tributed $550,000 to a pair of new­ly formed polit­i­cal action com­mit­tees in the state.

Two days lat­er, the mon­ey flowed from the PACs to an Orlan­do-area print and adver­tis­ing firm.
Short­ly there­after, came a tor­rent of near­ly iden­ti­cal polit­i­cal fliers seem­ing­ly intend­ed to siphon away sup­port from Demo­c­ra­t­ic can­di­dates by trick­ing vot­ers into cast­ing their bal­lots for pur­port­ed spoil­er can­di­dates who demon­strat­ed no real inter­est in get­ting elect­ed. None, for exam­ple, engaged in typ­i­cal cam­paign­ing activ­i­ties or raised sig­nif­i­cant funds.
In one case, the mail­ers appear to have helped a Republican—a co-founder of Lati­nas For Trump—unseat the Demo­c­ra­t­ic incum­bent in a state Sen­ate race by a razor-thin mar­gin of just 32 votes.


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