CONFIRMED: Trump’s Legal Team Says Only Constitution Decides The Next President

Pres­i­dent Trump’s legal team has con­firmed a legal assess­ment from the Amis­tad Project, in that the only elec­toral col­lege dead­line that mat­ters is inau­gu­ra­tion day.

Pres­i­dent Trump’s top legal advi­sors, for­mer New York May­or Rudy Giu­liani, and Jen­na Ellis, have con­firmed an assess­ment from the legal minds behind the Amis­tad Project, not­ing that states do not have to obey arbi­trary dead­lines such as the “safe har­bor” dead­line, set by fed­er­al law, and that the only dead­line they have to meet is Jan­u­ary 20th, 2021, which is set by the Constitution.

“The ‘Safe Har­bor Dead­line’ is a statu­to­ry time­line that gen­er­al­ly denotes the last day for states to cer­ti­fy elec­tion results. How­ev­er, it is not unprece­dent­ed for elec­tion con­tests to last well beyond Decem­ber 8,” Giu­liani and Ellis argue in a statement


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