CONFIRMED — Dominion executive Eric Coomer is Antifa Thug

Whether or not the com­pa­ny’s machines were mis­used, it pos­es struc­tur­al risks, and sup­press­ing crit­i­cism will make Trump sup­port­ers even more dubious

A Twit­ter user named Joe Olt­mann had tweet­ed a few screen­shots of a Face­book user post­ing Antifa man­i­festos and songs about killing police. The Face­book account belonged to Eric Coomer, and Olt­mann claimed it was the same Eric Coomer who is the Direc­tor of Prod­uct Strat­e­gy and Secu­ri­ty for Domin­ion Vot­ing Sys­tems. With­in hours of Olt­mann post­ing the infor­ma­tion, how­ev­er, the Face­book page of Eric Coomer was tak­en down, so I was unable to ver­i­fy that Antifa Coomer and Domin­ion Coomer were the same per­son. By the end of the day, Joe Oltmann’s Twit­ter account was sus­pend­ed as well. I had fol­lowed his feed through­out the day. I can say with cer­tain­ty that he post­ed noth­ing remote­ly offen­sive or provoca­tive. I have no doubt what­so­ev­er that Twit­ter sus­pend­ed him for post­ing the screen­shots of Coomer’s Face­book page. Interesting.

Search­ing around some more, I found that Domin­ion Coomer is an avid climber who used to post fre­quent­ly on climb­ing mes­sage boards under his own name. He con­firmed it him­self in a post where he men­tioned get­ting his nuclear physics Ph.D from Berke­ley in 1997. Dominion’s Eric Coomer received his nuclear physics Ph.D from Berke­ley in 1997. In anoth­er post on the same mes­sage board, Coomer gave out his email address. It was his old cam­pus address from the Berke­ley nuclear physics depart­ment. I plugged that email address into the Google machine, and things got weird.



Big Tech is at war with you! They don't want you to see the truth.



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