Vaccines Are Mandatory for Columbia University Students This Fall…and So are Masks and Social Distancing

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Peo­ple who warn about a “for­ev­er pan­dem­ic” usu­al­ly strike me as alarmist. Yeah, sci­en­tists like Fau­ci are over­ly cau­tious but even Fau­ci has a bench­mark for relax­ing pan­dem­ic restric­tions of 10,000 cas­es per day or few­er nation­al­ly. (Whether that bench­mark is attain­able is anoth­er mat­ter.) No one’s argu­ing for keep­ing masks and social dis­tanc­ing in place after we reach herd immu­ni­ty. And cer­tain­ly no one would be argu­ing for keep­ing them in place if the vac­cine were manda­to­ry for all Americans.Why, it’d be insane to insist on restric­tions in a pop­u­la­tion where every­one was immunized.
But what if …


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