Cold War: Russia Races Ahead of U.S. in Bid to Claim Arctic Riches

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The Arc­tic Ocean is esti­mat­ed to con­tain 22 per­cent of the Earth’s oil and nat­ur­al gas, along with huge quan­ti­ties of oth­er min­er­als. Get­ting at it is a prob­lem, of course, but with tech­nol­o­gy improv­ing all the time, how long will it be before it becomes profitable?That’s an answer that Rus­sia appears to want to know a lot more than the U.S. Where the Unit­ed States sees the Arc­tic as a place to pro­tect — an envi­ron­men­tal trea­sure and polar bear play­ground — Rus­sia is going full bore to find a way to exploit those rich­es and gain an impor­tant strate­gic advan­tage over America.
Spec­ta­tor USA:

 Last month, bare­ly report­ed by west­ern media, Pres­i­dent Vladimir Putin, at a cer­e­mo­ny in St Petersburg’s Admi­ral­ty ship­yard, unveiled a new diesel-elec­tric ice­break­er ship, the Vik­tor Cher­nomyrdin, the most pow­er­ful non-nuclear vessel …



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