CNN Reporter Speechless When Bystander Asks Her About Project Veritas

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This just has­n’t been a good week for CNN reporter Sara Sid­ner. First we had a the spec­ta­cle on Mon­day at the site of riot­ing at Brook­lyn Cen­ter, Min­neso­ta in which a bystander con­front­ed poor Sid­ner about CNN “twist­ing up” the sto­ry and mak­ing things worse.If Sid­ner thought she would get a reprieve from being ques­tioned about the bias of CNN she was woe­ful­ly wrong because just days lat­er anoth­er bystander brought up the high­ly embar­rass­ing Project Ver­i­tas video show­ing a CNN tech­ni­cal direc­tor brag­ging about the out­right bias of his network.

Here is that bystander caus­ing an embarrassing …


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