CNN Praises Biden For Tripping Over His Dog & Fracturing His Foot

CNN’s Chris Cil­liz­za tripped all over him­self prais­ing Joe Biden for his clum­sy clus­ter with his own dog that frac­tured his foot. Leave it to the left­ist news out­let to turn a fall into a tri­umph. Accord­ing to Cil­liz­za, Biden’s pub­lic tum­ble is the epit­o­me of transparency.

When the out­let report­ed on the inci­dent, they spun the sto­ry with a glow­ing head­line for Biden. It was as if it were writ­ten by a low-bud­get PR firm doing dam­age control.

The head­line read: “Why Joe Biden’s bro­ken foot reveals how dif­fer­ent his White House will be from Don­ald Trump’s”

Remem­ber when Pres­i­dent Trump con­tract­ed COVID-19 and the main­stream media ques­tioned every­thing about his health and com­pe­tence? In con­trast, Biden, unsta­ble on his feet, gets over­pow­ered by his pup and injured him­self to the extent of need­ing a med­ical spe­cial­ist to fix it and it’s some­how a hero­ic act.

After not­ing that for­mer Vice Pres­i­dent Joe Biden had slipped and injured his foot while play­ing with his dog Major, Cil­liz­za lauds the fact that “We were quick­ly told — via the trav­el­ing press pool — that Biden was going to see his ortho­pe­dist out of an abun­dance of caution.”

Cil­liz­za con­tin­ued, “With­in two hours, there was a state­ment from Dr. Kevin O’Connor not­ing that Biden’s foot had been X‑rayed and it appeared as though he had a sprain. A CT scan was going to be con­duct­ed just to con­firm the diag­no­sis, however.”

“Trans­paren­cy in mat­ters of health and, well, every­thing else, is fun­da­men­tal to a func­tion­ing democ­ra­cy,” Cil­liz­za assert­ed. “And we have had the oppo­site of that for these last four years,” Cil­liz­za concluded.

This, ladies and gen­tle­men, is what we call putting “lip­stick on a pig.”

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