CNN Suffers Post-Impeachment Ratings Dive

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Don­ald Trump was the best thing to hap­pen to CNN since Oper­a­tion Desert Storm. The net­work’s esteemed pres­i­dent, Jeff Zuck­er, under­stood that his tar­get view­ers weren’t very inter­est­ed in actu­al news and suc­cess­ful­ly piv­ot­ed to non­stop, Trump-fueled outrage.
Now that Trump is gone, banned from Twit­ter, and no longer on tri­al (again) in the Sen­ate, the ven­er­a­ble “news” net­work is strug­gling to find a prof­itable source of out­rage. As you might expect, Trump’s absence from the nation­al dis­course has been ter­ri­ble for ratings.

Recent Sto­ries in Media

On Feb. 8, one day before the start of Trump’s sec­ond impeach­ment tri­al, CNN …


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