CNN Exposes Horrific Hospital Conditions in Venezuela, But Omits Direct Mention of the Main Cause

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Cred­it to CNN’s Issa Soares and the doc­tors she gets to com­ment on cam­era for this stun­ning exposé of the real­i­ties inside Venezuela.[embedded content]
Soares’ report begins in a major hos­pi­tal in the Venezue­lan cap­i­tal, Cara­cas. The Maduro gov­ern­ment has praised China’s approach to the COVID pan­dem­ic, and claimed that its sim­i­lar efforts have kept the virus under con­trol. Soares’ report shines a glar­ing light on this lie. “COVID has unmasked Venezuela’s open wounds,” Soares reports, nar­rat­ing appalling footage of a hos­pi­tal that looks like some­thing out of a zom­bie hor­ror movie. Shack­les hang from bars, the floors are filthy beyond words. One nurse has to pro­vide care for an entire ward, and med­ical per­son­nel have to work with­out masks or gloves. “The stench is unbearable.” 

Soares’ valu­able report pro­vides stun­ning details: The pow­er and water …


Big Tech is at war with you! They don't want you to see the truth.



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