Clinton Adviser: America Becoming ‘Totalitarian State’ Under Biden

Author and for­mer Clin­ton advi­sor Nao­mi Wolf warned Mon­day that the US is devolv­ing into a police state under the Biden admin­is­tra­tion as end­less lock­downs and restric­tions show no sign of being lifted.

Appear­ing on Tuck­er Carl­son Tonight, Wolf urged that the US is “mov­ing into a coup sit­u­a­tion,” under Demo­c­rat rule, owing to med­ical man­dates being extend­ed under the “guise of a real med­ical pandemic.”

Wolf empha­sised that “lock­downs have nev­er been done in soci­ety and real­ly, we are turn­ing into a of total­i­tar­i­an state before everyone’s eyes.”


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