Clint Eastwood on Politics: It’s Complicated

Celebrity campaigns are the new normal, from Caitlyn Jenner’s gubernatorial run to Dwayne Johnson’s flirtation with the White House.
Does anyone doubt Matthew McConaughey would be a formidable thorn in Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s side?
Back in 1986, superstar Clint Eastwood had more modest ambitions. The actor, still a draw thanks to films like “Pale Rider” and “Sudden Impact,” entered the race for the mayor of Carmel, Calif. at the very last minute.
He didn’t like the town’s antiquated rules, including nettlesome zoning laws and a ban on ice cream sales. So he ran for the position… and won.

His one-term leadership led to ice cream’s return to the seaside town, all one square mile of it, along with …

















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