Psaki Dodges Questions on Abortion Funding in Relief Bill

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White House Press Sec­re­tary Jen Psa­ki decid­ed not to cir­cle back with a reporter regard­ing abor­tion fund­ing today. She straight up just didn’t answer the ques­tion. She deployed the very com­mon strat­e­gy of say­ing a lot, but also not much with regards to this ques­tion about abor­tion fund­ing. With COVID relief, it’s a DC good­ie bag. Every­thing under the sun is includ­ed. It has a mas­sive $1.9 tril­lion price tag. With so much mon­ey, it’s easy to sneak a lot of things in, like maybe tax­pay­er-fund­ed abor­tions. Owen Jensen of EWTN, a Catholic out­let, asked about whether the …


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