Chinese spy got so close to Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell that feds had to step in to alert him

She fundraised for him and plant­ed an intern in his office…

The sus­pect­ed for­eign agent, Chris­tine Fang, “tar­get­ed up-and-com­ing local politi­cians in the Bay Area and across the coun­try who had the poten­tial to make it big on the nation­al stage” as part of a years-long oper­a­tion run by Chi­na’s main civil­ian spy agency between 2011 and 2015, Axios report­ed Mon­day night.

She first came into con­tact with Swal­well and oth­er up-and-com­ing politi­cos through her role as the head of two dif­fer­ent stu­dent groups at Cal­i­for­nia State Uni­ver­si­ty East Bay, where she enrolled in 2011. Using her posi­tion in the groups, Fang gained access to polit­i­cal events and fundrais­ers for sev­er­al promi­nent Democ­rats in the area, includ­ing Demo­c­ra­t­ic Cal­i­for­nia Reps. Swal­well, Ro Khan­na, Judy Chu, and for­mer Rep. Mike Honda.


Big Tech is at war with you! They don't want you to see the truth.



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