China’s Xi Jinping Cracks Down on Banks to Purge Capitalist Influence

Fresh from beating the stuffing out of China’s high-tech billionaires to teach them who’s boss, dictator Xi Jinping is launching a regulatory crackdown on his banking industry to purge it of capitalist influences and tighten the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) grip on every coin.
The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) on Monday compared Xi’s assault on China’s banking sector to his crackdown on Big Tech, which began – at least in the public eye – when Alibaba founder Jack Ma dared to criticize Communist economic policy in October 2020. 
Ma disappeared for a while, and when he resurfaced he was less outspoken, less celebrated, and considerably less rich. Soon afterward, Alibaba was cut down to size with gigantic “antitrust” fines, and other Chinese tech …

















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