China Pushes Anal Coronavirus Tests

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Chi­na recent­ly rolled out anal test kits for Coronavirus.
The new pro­to­col was recent­ly intro­duced via Chi­nese state-run media out­lets, prompt­ing wide­spread dis­cus­sion and, in some cas­es, outrage.

“Some Chi­nese doc­tors say the sci­ence is there. Recov­er­ing patients, they say, have con­tin­ued to test pos­i­tive through sam­ples from the low­er diges­tive tract days after nasal and throat swabs came back neg­a­tive,” The Wash­ing­ton Post notes.

The method, how­ev­er, has not been well-received by many Chines citizens.

80 per­cent of users on Wei­bo, a Chi­nese social media plat­form, respond­ed to a poll say­ing they “could not accept” the inva­sive method.

“Every­one involved will be so embar­rassed,” one user added.

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