China Massively Expanding Its Weather-Modification Program To Will Control Half The Country

Chi­na manip­u­lates, con­trols, and fab­ri­cates near­ly every­thing at this point, includ­ing the weath­er. It’s dan­ger­ous for a dic­ta­tor­ship to con­trol nat­ur­al resources, despite the claimed ben­e­fits of what can be come through doing so. The Chi­nese Com­mu­nist Par­ty hav­ing pow­er over the weath­er for about half of their coun­try, is just anoth­er rea­son why the CCP should­n’t have any pow­er in Amer­i­ca. A gov­ern­ment that can con­trol the weath­er, is a gov­ern­ment that that’s far too big.

Via Busi­ness Insider:

Chi­na is mas­sive­ly expand­ing its weath­er-con­trol project, and is aim­ing to be able to cov­er half the coun­try in arti­fi­cial rain and snow by 2025, the gov­ern­ment said Tuesday.

The prac­tice of “cloud seed­ing” was dis­cov­ered in the US in 1946 by a chemist work­ing for Gen­er­al Elec­tric. Chi­na launched its own sim­i­lar pro­gram in the 1960s.

Dozens of oth­er coun­tries — includ­ing the US — also have such pro­grams, but Bei­jing has the world’s largest, employ­ing around 35,000 peo­ple, The Guardian reported.

In a state­ment, Chi­na’s State Coun­cil said that the coun­try’s cloud see­ing project will expand five­fold to cov­er an area of 2.1 mil­lion square miles and be com­plet­ed by 2025. (Chi­na encom­pass­es 3.7 mil­lion square miles, mean­ing the project could cov­er 56% of the coun­try’s sur­face area.)

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