Lightfoot’s Chicago: “Bail Reform” Has Led to More Crime

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In 2017, Cook Coun­ty, Illi­nois (com­prised pri­mar­i­ly of the city of Chica­go) insti­tut­ed new “bail reform” rules intend­ed to min­i­mize the num­ber of defen­dants who would be required to pay bail in order to be released while await­ing tri­al. This was billed as a social jus­tice reform ini­tia­tive, pre­vent­ing low-income offend­ers from being kept in jail sim­ply because they couldn’t afford to pay to get out. It was a pro­pos­al sim­i­lar to those adopt­ed in New York City, Philadel­phia and oth­er large, Demo­c­rat-run municipalities.Opponents of the move argued that releas­ing more known offend­ers back onto the streets would increase …


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