Lol: Chicago Teachers Union Argues Keeping Schools Open is Racist, Sexist, and Misogynistic

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The Chica­go Teacher Union unleashed this pearl on an unsus­pect­ing world Sunday.Since we knew they would delete it, we pre­served it in dig­i­tal amber.

Chica­go Teach­ers Union real­ly doesn’t want its teach­ers to have to go back work.

The union offered no expla­na­tion, evi­dence, or any oth­er fac­tu­al sup­port for its hot take, prob­a­bly fig­ur­ing that includ­ing the three mag­ic words would just do the trick on their own. But they’re not, and the tweet is being giv­en its due even after the CTU attempt­ed to get rid of it.

No, the push to open schools is about actu­al­ly giv­ing a shit about children…rooted in …


Big Tech is at war with you! They don't want you to see the truth.



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