CNN head of strategic communications Matt Dornic dodged gunfire in Washington, D.C., on Monday night, according to a video he posted on Twitter on Tuesday.

Dornic told Mediaite on Tuesday that the incident happened on his block in the Bloomingdale-Ledroit Park neighborhood. The video shows him walking on a sidewalk as a car passes by and gunshots ring. The video does not show the source of the gunshots. But it shows Dornic running further away from the street and into, as Dornic told Mediaite, an alley.

Dornic tweeted, “Here’s a video of me dodging random gunfire in NW DC last night at 842 pm. This is unacceptable.”

On Monday, Trump’s former Department of Defense Chief Kash Patel sat down with our very own Stew Peters to reveal why he still believes that Durham’s report will expose the massive anti-Trump corruption from the left to the entire world.

Patel said that people thought he was crazy when he figured out that Clinton, the Democratic National Committee, and the “upper echelons” of the Department of Justice had teamed up to surveil a presidential candidate, yet that’s exactly what was happening.

Patel went on to add that the 27-page indictment that Durham handed down against former Clinton lawyer Michael Sussman is a “big deal” because indictments aren’t usually that long unless there is something major backing them up. He believes that Durham caught Sussman lying to the FBI about not being directed by Clinton to make these moves against Trump and that the truth about what Clinton did will come out from this indictment.

Patel then said that Durham has “been at it for two years, two years and just change. I ran conspiracy fraud prosecutions that took me three, four, or five years to do. This is the biggest political scandal in the history of the United States of America, if not the world. So, when he issued subpoenas for more records against banks and law firms, there is no better evidence of fraud and conspiracy than the money, and that’s what he’s doing here.”

A 16-year-old girl in Wyoming was arrested Thursday at her school after she refused to wear a mask on school grounds, she and her father said.

Grace Smith, a junior at Laramie High School, told state Sen. Anthony Bouchard, R‑Cheyenne, in an interview posted online, that police placed her in handcuffs for trespassing after she was suspended for not following the school’s mask mandate and refused to leave school grounds. 

Smith recorded video of herself getting handcuffed, which her father, Andy Smith, shared on social media. The video shows the interactions between Smith and police officers were polite. 

A US veteran pilot posted a TikTok video claiming his airline’s vaccine mandate amounts to an ultimatum between “feeding his family” and freedom of choice.”

The pilot, who uses the TikTok account @cellsaucenutrition in the video, says, “I’ve been an airline pilot for 18 years and now I’m facing an ultimatum… I’m being told that in order to continue my career as an airline pilot, I must be vaccinated.”

Steve Bannon opened his Monday show with a warning on what’s coming.

Steve Bannon: “The revered Economist, what is their headline? “The Shortage Economy.” America needs to prepare… Get ready for the bleakest, darkest Christmas in living memory… This is far beyond stagflation. We’re entering into another faze. It’s all the converging forces. Remember, elections have consequences, illegal elections have catastrophic consequences.”

Via The War Room:

Hydrogen sulfide detected in the air near the 405 Freeway may be responsible for the pungent, sulfurous odor plaguing Carson residents for nearly a week now.

“What the hell is the cause of this problem, and while everybody is farting around, all of us are sitting here suffering. You guys have gotten this smell. We’ve been dealing nausea, headaches, all different ailments. Thank God, I’m just dealing with bad migraines,” Carson resident Ana Meni said.

Meni said her patience ran out for the foul smell days ago, though it was outlasted by symptoms of nausea caused by the odor.

This is the moment horrified performers frantically wave their hands to alert staff after an actor was crushed to death at Moscow’s famous Bolshoi Theatre.

Yevgeny Kulesh, 37, is thought to have been hit by a ramp on Saturday night as footage shared online appears to show performers desperately trying to get staff to lift the prop.

People then attempted to revive the actor but were not able to do so.

There are new details about the man accused of knocking a New Jersey nurse to the ground in Times Square on Friday after mugging another woman.

He has now been charged with murder.

CBS2’s Kiran Dhillon spoke to the woman’s devastated family on Sunday.

Oncology nurse Maria Ambrocio should have been working at Bayonne Medical Center on Saturday night. Instead, her brother said the 58-year-old was surrounded by her family when she was taken off life support.

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