Cardinals shortstop drills umpire in the face with errant spinning throw (Video)

St. Louis Car­di­nals short­stop Edmun­do Sosa tried to make the play of the sea­son, and instead made an umpire’s life flash before his eyes.The Car­di­nals remain in the NL Wild Card race, mean­ing every game is piv­ot towards their play­offs chase. Yet, what Sosa chose to attempt against the New York Mets — a spin­ning throw from the short­stop posi­tion that would make Derek Jeter jeal­ous — was not realistic.Instead, Sosa drilled first base umpire Junior Valen­tine in the face.Uh…ouch.Valentine was bleed­ing after the play. Thank­ful­ly, how­ev­er, it appeared to only be a minor blip.Cardinals: Edmun­do Sosa drills Junior Valen­tine in the face­Sosa was only try­ing to make a play for his team, so it’s tough to come down …


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