CA Pastor Reclassifies Church as ‘Strip Club’ So That It Can Open for Services During COVID

Mul­ti­ple reli­gious con­gre­ga­tions have sued the state of Cal­i­for­nia over its COVID-19 restric­tions, argu­ing that they broach the First Amendment’s pro­tec­tions on the abil­i­ty to wor­ship freely. Strip clubs have also gone to court, argu­ing the lim­i­ta­tions curb their right to free speech.

The lat­ter group has suc­ceed­ed, which might be the most Cal­i­for­nia thing ever. In a rul­ing dat­ed Nov. 6, San Diego Supe­ri­or Court Judge Joel R. Wohlfeil wrote that the state couldn’t stop clubs from “being allowed to pro­vide live adult enter­tain­ment” in San Diego Coun­ty, say­ing that the “harm to plain­tiffs if the appli­ca­tion is denied is greater than the harm to defen­dants if the appli­ca­tion is granted.”


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