Trump Says GOP Lost Georgia Senate Races Because Republicans Were “Angry and Disappointed” So They Didn’t Turn Out

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After Elec­tion Day 2020, which polit­i­cal par­ty con­trolled the Sen­ate was yet to be decid­ed. Two races in Geor­gia went in to runoffs with Repub­li­cans hold­ing 50 seats and Democ­rats con­trol­ling 48. Repub­li­cans need­ed to win just one of the runoffs for full con­trol. They lost both.
The two races, decid­ed on Jan. 5, came after two sol­id months of for­mer Pres­i­dent Trump charg­ing that fraud and vot­ing irreg­u­lar­i­ties cost him the election.
But Trump on Thurs­day sought to explain the losses.
“To set the record straight, there were two rea­sons the Sen­ate races were lost in Geor­gia,” Trump said in a state­ment through …


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