Chauvin Trial Judge: Maxine Waters’ Comments “May Result in This Whole Trial Being Overturned”

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Clos­ing argu­ments were heard today in the tri­al of Derek Chau­vin, who is the for­mer offi­cer accused of killing George Floyd in Min­neapo­lis, Minn. on May 25 of last year.In that clos­ing, the attor­neys for the defense brought up their con­cerns that Rep. Max­ine Waters (D‑CA) had threat­ened the jury pub­licly when she made a series of com­ments call­ing on pro­test­ers to “stay on the street” and to “get more con­fronta­tion­al” if Chau­vin is found guilty of manslaugh­ter alone.Defense attor­neys said that there would be no way for jurors to have avoid­ed hear­ing her state­ments, as the media has …


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