BREAKING: Giuliani Confirms ‘Glitched’ Software Whistleblowers Coming Forward (VIDEO)

There will soon be proof and answers to the ques­tion­able ‘Domin­ion’ soft­ware used in elec­tron­ic vot­ing in sev­er­al key bat­tle­ground states that alleged­ly “glitched” sole­ly to the ben­e­fit­ted Joe Biden.

Rudy Giu­liani, who is lead­ing the inves­ti­ga­tion into poten­tial vot­er fraud that swayed the elec­toral votes in Biden’s direc­tion, report­ed­ly con­firmed today that Domin­ion soft­ware whistle­blow­ers have stepped forward.

This is excep­tion­al news.

Read about this new devel­op­ment HERE on The Gate­way Pun­dit, who has been cov­er­ing on the soft­ware prob­lems in the US elec­tion for sev­er­al days.


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