BREAKING: Donors are Rejecting Nikki Haley after Graham Introductions

Lindsey Graham is trying to introduce Nikki Haley to big political donors and it’s not going well.

The ambitious former ambassador the United Nations released a calculated break from President Trump the same day his defense begins in the sham impeachment trial.

The problem: Haley is as unpopular among donors as she is among Republican voters.

“Lindsey Graham is making this pitch for Nikki Haley and he’s calling around to people to ask if they will meet with her,” said Richard Baris, director of Big Data Poll.

“These donors are angry and they do not want to sit down with Nikki Haley,” he said.

“I guess she forgot to mention this to Politico,” Baris added.

Baris said his sources tell him Haley, Graham, and other establishment Republicans have been planning for more than a year how to break the GOP away from President Trump.

Stephen K. Bannon said it won’t work. “She will never be the 2024 nominee. She will never be president,” he said.

















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