BREAKING: Bannon’s Lawyers Just Sent This Letter To Pelosi… Checkmate…

Looks like Pelosi and Cheney wont be sending the US Marshalls to kick in Bannon’s door after all, the political theater just lost the battle to the MAGA General Stephen K Bannon. 


Steve Bannon told the War Room Posse last week that he will not be testifying to Pelosi’s political theater and explained it clearly. Democrat’s use this to threaten and intimidate Bannon and other Trump aides with being arrested, charged and even releasing the US Marshalls on them.


Bannon told his audience this live on air:  “Just updating people The Hill reporting, “Bannon bucks the Jan. 6 subpoena” Breaking news on CNN, Maggie Habermann from The New York Times has actually tweeted out even as we speak, my response, my letter basically saying President Trump had told the committee he’s exerting executive privilege. And until we hear how that plays out we are not going to comply. So, there you have it. Pretty straightforward.”



















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