BREAKING: Alarm Went Off Where Ballots Are Kept – Building Wide Open…

There is an ongo­ing legal bat­tle sur­round­ing the 145,000 absen­tee bal­lots that were due to be audit­ed. The audit was sup­posed to begin yes­ter­day, Fri­day May 28th. How­ev­er, in a last minute court fil­ing Ful­ton Coun­ty offi­cials are attempt­ing to block the audit on pro­ce­dur­al grounds {Go Deep}. A Geor­gia judge grant­ed a 30 day pause in the audit until the legal argu­ments could be heard in court…. and now the build­ing was compromised?

Wit­ness­es pre­vi­ous­ly said they saw bal­lots being count­ed twice, sev­er­al batch­es of mail-in absen­tee bal­lots with­out folds (which is impos­si­ble), and the appear­ance of copy­ing of bal­lots and machine filled bal­lots. The ini­tial review of low-qual­i­ty res­o­lu­tion sam­ple batch­es found a 21% dif­fer­ence in the num­ber of bal­lots between what the elec­tion offi­cials said was in a batch and the actu­al num­ber of bal­lots in the batch. That is part of the rea­son why the judge grant­ed a full audit of the absen­tee bal­lots in Ful­ton county.

The alarm going off? The build­ing left “wide open and unattended”?…


Big Tech is at war with you! They don't want you to see the truth.



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