BOMBSHELL: 18 Senior FDA Officials Sound Alarm On COVID Vax

A group of senior U.S. Food and Drug Admin­is­tra­tion (FDA) offi­cials — includ­ing two who announced they will soon resign — have authored a report dis­agree­ing with the White House­’s plan to roll out COVID-19 vac­cine boost­ers next week.

In a report pub­lished in in The Lancet on Mon­day, the 18 offi­cials write that there is no evi­dence sup­port­ing the need for boost­ers because ful­ly vac­ci­nat­ed peo­ple still have high lev­els of pro­tec­tion against hos­pi­tal­iza­tion or death.

Instead, they say, vac­cine dos­es should be donat­ed to areas with low­er vac­ci­na­tion rates to pre­vent the emer­gence of more COVID-19 variants.

Although the admin­is­tra­tion is ready to roll out boost­ers start­ing Sep­tem­ber 20, Pres­i­dent Joe Biden said last week that any deci­sions — includ­ing when to autho­rize boost­ers and who should receive them — will be left up to the FDA and the Cen­ters for Dis­ease Con­trol and Pre­ven­tion (CDC).

The group of FDA authors of the new report include Dr Mar­i­on Gru­ber and Dr Philip Krause, who plan to step down in the com­ing months due to dis­agree­ments over the roll­out of vaccines.


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