Bloomberg Reporter Gets Photo of Joe’s Official Daily Schedule and Internet Goes Wild

Here are some of the com­ments about Joe’s schedule:

“name & address on his underwear?”

“Noth­ing there about hav­ing impor­tant meet­ings or mak­ing many phone calls?”

“they have to tell him to pro­ceed to Oval Office?”

“Lol cute sched­ule for dement­ed Joe. Got­ta make sure he lines out each one, so he knows what’s next.”

“How long are the Democ­rats going to ignore that Biden has demen­tia??? As long as Oba­ma & Rice are pulling the pup­pet strings I’m guess­ing a long time.”

“What a sweet gig! Joe Biden starts work around 10:00 am and in bed before the sun goes down!”

“Can’t keep track of him­self – is there a note ‘if found please return to’?”

“where’s the dia­per change?”

“And he still gets con­fused even when it’s all writ­ten down for him.”

“There is no Pres­i­dent Biden.”

“There is no offi­cial nap time so I assume he sleeps at every meeting.”

“He should be nap­ping now”

“So piti­ful”

“He is prop”

“my patients in the demen­tia unit have sched­ules like this as well”

“1:45 PM ‑Take Meds 1:55 PM- Take nap”

“Wow. Unre­al. It just gets more and more depressing.”

“Just glad there was no steps on that list. Oth­er­wise he might nev­er have got­ten through his day with­out anoth­er embar­rass­ing event. But there’s still time left in the day! Here’s hoping!”


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