BLM supporters throw FIREWORKS and bottles at Trump supporters eating dinner

Black Lives Mat­ter sup­port­ers threw fire­works at Trump sup­port­ers while they ate din­ner and a knife-wield­ing woman taunt­ed MAGA fans in vio­lent clash­es in Wash­ing­ton D.C. on Saturday.

Don­ald Trump accused Antifa of wait­ing until the night to launch vicious attacks on those who had attend­ed the Mil­lion MAGA March — a pro­ces­sion by those who believe he won the election.

Footage showed black-clad counter-demon­stra­tors hurl­ing fire­works and bot­tles at Trump sup­port­ers who were din­ing out­side a restau­rant in down­town at around 6pm.

he con­ser­v­a­tives had attempt­ed to hold their ground before dozens began crowd­ing around, shout­ing: ‘Peo­ple are dying while you are dining.’

The din­ers were then sent run­ning as the mis­siles explod­ed around them. It is not clear who the cul­prits were but a rag­tag mob of Marx­ist fac­tions ram­paged through the city that night, includ­ing BLM and Antifa members.

Lat­er, a knife-wield­ing BLM sup­port­er was seen shriek­ing obscen­i­ties at a crowd of Trump sup­port­ers, alleged­ly from the Proud Boys mili­tia-style outfit.

In the footage, a switch blade appears in the wom­an’s left hand while anoth­er BLM sup­port­er accom­pa­ny­ing her heck­les the Trump fans while rid­ing a scooter.

One man seeks to dis­arm the woman but before this can hap­pen anoth­er Proud Boy approach­es from behind and hits her across the head with a helmet.

Despite the woman her­self wear­ing head gear, the force of the con­nec­tion was enough to knock her uncon­scious and she was pic­tured lying in the street with blood pour­ing from her mouth.


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