Blinken floats ‘new’ war-making powers to counter terrorist threats in Afghanistan

Pres­i­dent Joe Biden’s admin­is­tra­tion wants the legal author­i­ty for mil­i­tary coun­tert­er­ror­ism oper­a­tions in Afghanistan “if nec­es­sary” in light of the with­draw­al of U.S. forces and the Taliban’s vic­to­ry over the U.S.-backed gov­ern­ment in Kabul.
“We need to look to make sure that we have all the author­i­ties that we would need for any poten­tial con­tin­gency, includ­ing the reemer­gence, as a threat, of al Qae­da,” Sec­re­tary of State Antony Blinken said dur­ing a Sen­ate For­eign Rela­tions Com­mit­tee hear­ing. “If we don’t have those author­i­ties, we should get them — whether that means re-look­ing at those autho­riza­tions or writ­ing new ones, which I think would be the most appro­pri­ate thing to do, if nec­es­sary. We need to look at that.”
That recog­ni­tion could …


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