BREAKING: Sec. of State Blinken refuses to comment on Biden’s leaked phone call with Afghan president

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On Mon­day, Sec­re­tary of State Antony Blinken brought him­self before a House com­mit­tee this after­noon to answer ques­tions over last month’s pull­out of Afghanistan. In two sep­a­rate instances we’re sup­posed to both believe Blinken’s acknowl­edge­ment of the Biden Ghani phone call, but also dis­pute the verac­i­ty of the dis­sent cable sent by Kab­ul embassy staff around the same time.In it Blinken faces ques­tions over the tal­ly of how many Afghans met SIV sta­tus in the first place. On that same note he’s unclear about how many Amer­i­cans still want to escape the coun­try over­run by Tal­iban forces.As it stands it still looks like the …


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