St. Louis Fed President Says Bitcoin Doesn’t Threaten U.S. Dollar as World’s Reserve Currency

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St. Louis Fed­er­al Reserve Pres­i­dent James Bullard told CNBC on Tues­day he believes that increas­ing inter­est in bit­coin does not pose a seri­ous threat to the U.S. dol­lar as the world’s reserve currency.“I just think for Fed pol­i­cy, it’s going to be a dol­lar econ­o­my as far as the eye can see — a dol­lar glob­al econ­o­my real­ly as far as the eye can see — and whether the gold price goes up or down, or the bit­coin price goes up or down, does­n’t real­ly affect that,” Bullard said on “Squawk Box.“Bitcoin, in par­tic­u­lar, has been cham­pi­oned by crypto …


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