Bill Gates Goes ALL IN To Stop You From Using Parler


Bill Gates’ anti-endorese­ment of the new­ly pop­u­lar social media site Par­ler, a pro free speak­ing and think­ing site that’s seen explo­sive growth post-elec­tion, is per­haps the best endorse­ment yet.

Why would a guy like Gates who wants to inject every Amer­i­can with his vac­cine (after maim­ing kids in Africa with anoth­er vac­cine he cre­at­ed), want to stop you from using a site that pro­motes the free exchange of infor­ma­tion and opinions?

Accord­ing to CNBC:

Post-elec­tion, many con­ser­v­a­tives, and some extrem­ists, have been head­ing to Par­ler, a con­ser­v­a­tive social media app fund­ed by Repub­li­can megadonor Rebekah Mer­cer, which bills itself as a free speech Twit­ter-spin off.

But bil­lion­aire Bill Gates isn’t a fan of the plat­form, call­ing some of its con­tent “crazy stuff.”

If some­body goes to Par­ler, they are say­ing, “I like crazy stuff,” Gates said Tues­day at The New York Times Deal­Book Sum­mit. “If you want Holo­caust denial, hey, Par­ler is going to be great for you,” Gates said.



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