Arizona Senate Passes Bill Granting Them Right to Subpoena Records

Arizona’s Sen­ate is done mess­ing around with the Mari­co­pa Coun­ty Board of Super­vi­sors. On Thurs­day the Sen­ate updat­ed the state’s law grant­i­ng them the abil­i­ty to sub­poe­na elec­tion records like bal­lots and tab­u­lat­ing equip­ment and ignore any laws to the contrary.

Arizona’s Sen­ate has been blocked, dodged, sued, and delayed by the state’s most pop­u­lous coun­ty, Mari­co­pa Coun­ty. The Mari­co­pa Coun­ty Board of Super­vi­sors is just not going to pro­vide the Sen­ate what the Sen­ate wants and the Sen­ate is appar­ent­ly tired of it.


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