Big Business and Big Government Prepare for Socialist Merger Under Biden

Biden vot­ers have a problem—one we can take full advan­tage of in the fight for Amer­i­ca First.

This past week, Yahoo News ran a sto­ry with the head­line “Big Tech and Big Law Dom­i­nate Biden Tran­si­tion Teams, Tem­per­ing Pro­gres­sive Hopes.” The point of the piece was to indi­cate that right from the start, the plan­ning-to-be Biden admin­is­tra­tion is align­ing itself with large cor­po­rate inter­ests, plac­ing it at odds with the more Marx­ist goals of Bernie Sanders, AOC, and the rest of the crowd that would like to facil­i­tate the move toward the true “begin­ning” of history—a com­mu­nist America.


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