Biden’s Team Considering Legal Action to Force Him Into Power

Joe Biden is grow­ing tired of the delay to declare him the next leader of the free world, due to the elec­tion inves­ti­ga­tion under­way and Pres­i­dent Trump’s right­ful refusal to con­cede. It’s not only imme­di­ate pow­er he’s after, it’s also the $6.3 mil­lion in fed­er­al fund­ing, clas­si­fied infor­ma­tion and secu­ri­ty clear­ances he’s want­i­ng right. All of that is cur­rent­ly frozen by the Gen­er­al Ser­vices Admin­is­tra­tion (GSA) until a win­ner is certified.

If he can’t get it all right now by the for­mal process of pres­i­den­tial elec­tions, his team may take legal action to force it.

Accord­ing to the New York Post, Joe Biden’s team is con­sid­er­ing legal action over the ongo­ing refusal to grant the pres­i­dent-elect a for­mal tran­si­tion into the White House, accord­ing to reports.

Amid Pres­i­dent Trump’s refusal to con­cede the elec­tion, the fed­er­al agency need­ed to green­light his tran­si­tion has also held back from declar­ing him the vic­tor — a move usu­al­ly made with­in 24-hours.

The delay by the Gen­er­al Ser­vices Admin­is­tra­tion  also freezes the Biden team out of access to the State Depart­ment, which facil­i­tates calls between for­eign lead­ers, Fox News said.

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