Biden’s Insane ‘Infrastructure’ Plan Hits HUGE Road Block

Pres­i­dent Joe Biden’s “infra­struc­ture” plan hit a road­block Wednes­day after U. S. Sen. Joe Manchin (D‑WV) dis­put­ed the scope and cost of the sweep­ing measure.

Manchin, a key vote in the 50–50 Sen­ate, told West Vir­ginia reporters, “I would hope to see Democ­rats and Repub­li­cans agree­ing on infra­struc­ture – infra­struc­ture by itself.”

He added, “It won’t be the $2.3 tril­lion, that I can tell you.”

The dec­la­ra­tion came as Trans­porta­tion Sec­re­tary Pete Buttigieg and oth­er admin­is­tra­tion lead­ers attempt to rede­fine “infra­struc­ture” to include just about every­thing — beyond sim­ply roads, bridges, and railways.

“To me, infra­struc­ture is the foun­da­tion that makes it pos­si­ble for Amer­i­cans to thrive. And that includes things like roads and bridges, but it also includes things like pipes,” Buttigieg recent­ly told Grist.

“If you can’t count on a glass of clean, safe drink­ing water, you’re not free. And you’re not able to live a life of your choos­ing,” he said.


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