Biden’s Afghan Debacle: Questions Future Historians Will Ask, by Austin Bay

For the next century historians and military officers will analyze the Biden administration’s Afghanistan withdrawal humiliation. Here are three questions I guarantee will spur debate.
No. 1: Was there any way to convince the Biden administration to reconsider its “perception driven” Beltway media-political strategy in Afghanistan, see the terrible on-the-ground facts as consequential and then take action to stop an impending debacle?
No. 2: How late in summer 2021 could decisive U.S. action have reversed deterioration?
No. 3: Would action in a specific geographic position have positive political and military effects throughout the region?
As for No. 2, I suggest on July 6 deterioration was reversible. The U.S. still had time to prevent an Afghan national government collapse. Why? Because Afghan national forces still tenuously held Bagram Airfield, the …

















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