Biden warns family not to get caught…

Flori­da super attor­ney and Demo­c­ra­t­ic donor John Mor­gan said busi­ness sen­si­tiv­i­ties were cours­ing through Biden­world this week after the report about Frank Biden’s law firm.

“What Frank told me is ‘my broth­er loves me dear­ly, but if I lob­bied, he would cut my legs from under­neath me,” Mor­gan said Frank Biden told him this week.

The intent of Joe Biden’s ini­tial con­ver­sa­tion, accord­ing to the per­son with knowl­edge of the dis­cus­sion, was to pro­tect Frank from “being hurt and vil­i­fied” in the event his big broth­er, “Joey,” was elect­ed to the most pow­er­ful posi­tion in the world.

“Frank made it clear to me what the pres­i­dent made clear to him: The day he got elect­ed, the long knives came out for all things Biden,” Mor­gan said. “There’s a tar­get on all of them.”


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