18 State AGs Pressure Biden to Reinstate ICE’s Operation Targeting Sex Offenders

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When Pres­i­dent Biden signed his exec­u­tive order for a review and update to ICE enforce­ment pro­ce­dures, he also put Oper­a­tion Talon on hold. Oper­a­tion Talon is a  nation­wide ICE oper­a­tion that arrests and removes con­vict­ed sex offend­ers ille­gal­ly in the Unit­ed States. The effects of this order have been imme­di­ate, with the can­ce­la­tion of a joint oper­a­tion to arrest at-large sex offenders:ICE had been plan­ning a nation­wide oper­a­tion in part­ner­ship with the U.S. Mar­shals tar­get­ing at-large sex offend­ers, but it was scut­tled by the new direc­tive. Accord­ing to one of my ICE sources, most of the tar­gets do …


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