Biden Supporters Rightfully Criticized for Contradictory ‘Super Spreader’ Celebrations

Evi­dent­ly, COVID-19 only seems to be a dead­ly threat at events sup­port­ing Pres­i­dent Trump, but not to cel­e­brate the ear­ly call­ing of the medi­a’s pre­sumed elec­tion win­ner. This seems to be the case based on the, once notably absent, crowd of sup­port­ers that emerged overnight to cel­e­brate a pre-call­ing of the elec­tion in favor of Joe Biden.

The con­tra­dic­tion of left­ists’ cam­paign-time claims, com­plete with a term they coined to describe the “super spread­er” events of any­one gath­er­ing in sup­port of Pres­i­dent Trump, is bla­tant­ly obvious.

White House Press Sec­re­tary Kayleigh McE­nany called it out, crit­i­ciz­ing Joe Biden for not call­ing for an end to “mas­sive Super Spread­er events” held after his pro­ject­ed pres­i­den­tial victory.

“Where is @JoeBiden call­ing on the mas­sive Super Spread­er events held in his name to end,” McE­nany wrote in a tweet Sat­ur­day fea­tur­ing a video of thou­sands of Biden sup­port­ers gath­er­ing in the streets out­side the White House.



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