Biden Increases Seasonal Worker Visas by 22k as Nation Faces 6% Unemployment

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The Biden admin­is­tra­tion on Tues­day announced that it is increas­ing the num­ber of avail­able H‑2B sea­son­al work­er visas avail­able — increas­ing the num­ber by 22,000, with 6,000 reserved for work­ers from Cen­tral Amer­i­can countries.The num­ber of visas, which gives tem­po­rary legal sta­tus to nona­gri­cul­tur­al sea­son­al work­ers in ser­vice jobs in restau­rants and hotels, as well as oth­er areas like land­scap­ing, is cur­rent­ly set at 66,000 by Con­gress, but it can be increased by the depart­ments of Home­land Secu­ri­ty and Labor.WHITE HOUSE SAYS BIDEN WILL INCREASE REFUGEE CAP THIS YEAR, AFTER DEM FURY OVER ORIGINAL TARGETDHS said it will increase the …


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