Biden Picks Are Documented Chinese Communist Party Consultants

Joe biden’s state depart­ment tran­si­tion review team con­tains sev­er­al con­sul­tants and lob­by­ists from albright stone­bridge group, a con­sult­ing firm that has exten­sive links to the chi­nese com­mu­nist party.

Asg has a robust chi­na focus, declar­ing it “the firm’s largest sin­gle coun­try prac­tice” on the com­pa­ny web­site. Among the firm’s ranks are sev­er­al chi­nese com­mu­nist par­ty appa­ratchiks, includ­ing jin lig­ang, a chi­nese com­mu­nist par­ty mem­ber and “for­mer senior chi­nese gov­ern­ment official.”


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