Biden Just Got Dire Diagnosis

Sky News Aus­tralia host Andrew Bolt spoke with psy­chi­a­trist Tan­veer Ahmed on his show and dis­cussed Ahmed’s take on the cog­ni­tive con­di­tion of the leader of the free world.

Bolt showed view­ers a clip of Biden com­plete­ly los­ing his train of thought dur­ing a pub­lic speech.

Regard­ing last week’s town hall, Bolt said, “for a lot of the time … there was no real trou­ble, no real trou­ble. He was answer­ing flu­ent­ly — for him. But you couldn’t ignore moments like these for instance.”

Bolt then played a video of Biden absolute­ly fum­bling an answer.

“You get the feel­ing he’s almost just hang­ing on — which can be a fea­ture of demen­tia,” Ahmed said.

He not­ed Biden exhibits some symp­toms of demen­tia such as “short term recall, los­ing track of your thoughts” and “con­fab­u­lat­ing.”

“The oth­er prob­lem with Joe Biden,” he said, “is, you know, it is prob­a­bly steadi­ly get­ting worse in the last sort of 12, 18 months and that is a fea­ture of demen­tia where you’re kind of see­ing a steady, grad­ual decline … I don’t think it’s unrea­son­able to raise these questions.”

“For the most part, there’s no prob­lem at all, he’s talk­ing fine, then sud­den­ly boom, the mem­o­ry goes,” Bolt said. “With ear­ly demen­tia, for instance, are you actu­al­ly fine, is your judg­ment still per­fect­ly OK once you get back your train of thought, you know, you rec­ol­lect, ‘Oh yeah, that’s where I was going?’ Or are you real­ly not quite up to the job?”

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“Depends what stage of it is,” Ahmed replied. “In terms of try­ing to take in the com­plex con­cepts and tak­ing in large amounts of infor­ma­tion which a pres­i­dent would be expect­ed to do, that would be extreme­ly dif­fi­cult for him.”


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