Biden Doesn’t Like Cubans…Kicked 27 Back To Cuba

The U.S. Coast Guard announced that it has repa­tri­at­ed 27 Cuban migrants found at sea back to their com­mu­nist-ruled home­land after it inter­cept­ed two groups off Florida’s coast.

The announce­ment on Wednes­day comes amid unrest in Cuba sparked by mass protests across the nation that start­ed on July 11 when thou­sands cit­i­zens took to the streets to call for an end to the com­mu­nist regime, cry­ing for freedom.

The Coast Guard inter­cept­ed one group of Cuban migrants on the after­noon of July 23 after a per­son report­ed the ves­sel to watch­standers of the Coast Guard Sec­tor Key West, accord­ing to a release. The 21-foot ves­sel, which was sev­en miles south of Key West, was found to have 22 peo­ple aboard.

Crew mem­bers of the Coast Guard Cut­ter William Trump brought them onto the ship. The 22 migrants were lat­er trans­ferred to the Coast Guard Cut­ter Charles Sexton.

A sec­ond group of Cuban migrants were inter­cept­ed on the after­noon of July 24. A makeshift raft was report­ed by Coast Guard Sta­tion Islam­ora­da to Sec­tor Key West watchstanders.

The raft was about 15 miles off­shore of Islam­ora­da and car­ried five peo­ple. Boat crew from the Coast Guard Sta­tion Islam­ora­da picked up the five peo­ple and trans­ferred them to the Charles Sexton.


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