Biden Got a Brutal Smackdown At Walter Reed For What He Did To a Wounded Marine

An account by a father of a wounded Marine says Joe Biden tried to visit his son last night but Biden was not welcomed by the family. So far that appears to be the only report on Biden’s visit to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. The White House has been silent on the visit with no photos released, accounts of visits or even reports of Biden awarding Purple Hearts.

“Biden had the audacity to try to visit my son this evening. He was not welcomed. He is lucky I am a calm person…My daughter told me to stand down.”

“The leadership in the Pentagon namely General Milley failed our troops and the Biden administration’s bumbling of the situation in Afghanistan is the reason 13 of our Soldiers died…So forgive me if I don’t want to meet the man who put my son in harms way. He has blood on his hands. I will never get over what happened on the 26th of August ever!

“My son will never be whole again physically or mentally. He was yards away from being in a grave himself. Yet people tell us to get over it? It was his job. REALLY! Shame on them. I pray nothing bad ever happens to their child.”

















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